"you know it used to bother me, quite honestly how people would write us off as another boy band, and over-prouduced and slick and everything. I gotta tell you it just doesn’t mean anything to me to hear what they gotta say anymore. Cause, when you go out on stage every single night and see the people and how their lives have been touched by some of our music and some of our songs. I think if they were to witness that and if they were to see that, from our perspective, they would have a different take on what Rascal Flatts is really about."


"This has been such an amazing — journey with those two. I’m a better person for knowing them, and I am so grateful that god has allowed the three of us to share all of our dreams together. And, I can’t wait to sit back one day just the three of us around a big bonfire, talkin’ about all the things we’ve been able to do. Yeah, I them so much, they’re great people. And, at times we were all we had you know.. I’m thankful for them both."